The members of Writing 1900 are active in a number of research projects, some of them involving all the core members, others made up of smaller teams and other partners. The projects range from scholarly books and articles to radio features, books for the general public and online publications on this website.

Click here for "Writing 1900: Objects", the outcome of a network meeting held in Berlin in October 2012.

Click here for a special issue of Comparative Critical Studies ( devoted to Literary Cosmopolitanism in the Fin de Siècle, edited by Stefano Evangelista and Richard Hibbitt. It includes essays by Stefano Evangelista and Francesca Billiani, Richard Hibbitt, and Ana Parejo Vadillo.

Emily Eells is currently editing an issue of Cahiers victoriens et édouardiens entitled 'The Words of Others'. It includes essays by Emily Eells, Stefano Evangelista, and Ana Parejo Vadillo.

Stefano Evangelista and Gesa Stedman are currently working on a book on early-twentieth century Anglophone travellers to Berlin.